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I love teaching Python

I've taught Python to thousands of people around the world. For 30 years I've been writing about and teaching programming, first at Oracle and then for 25 years at NeXT/Apple. After years of honing my content and skills, I've learned what people of all different experience levels need in a Python class.

I've got a blog

I stumbled into an amazing career and got to be a little tiny part of the biggest technology and business story ever. I talk about that.

And I talk Python, of course.

Education & Charitable organizations

I provide free training and speaking for educational and charitable orgs (after costs). Please (567) 258-3956!

About me

I founded Software University at Apple, and taught Python to thousands of Apple engineers.

I've been writing about and teaching programming in Silicon Valley for 30 years, starting at Oracle, then moving to NeXT/Apple. I served as a technical writing manager, then an engineering manager, then ran the Developer Publications department before Software University.

For the last few years I provided Python training at Apple. My classes were popular and in high demand, always having at least two thousand students signed up around the world. My students ranged from project managers, designers, and QA folks who wanted to gain a new skill, to the most experienced engineers and data scientists at the company looking for advice and best practices.

I'm passionate about bringing the critical skill of programming to people who need to get a job done, and I love giving experienced engineers a new level of insight into being a better programmer and elegantly solving problems.

My classes are informal and treated as a conversation. I have lots of pre-set curriculum and exercises, but every class is different as I respond to the needs and interests of the students.

Other stuff I do:

  • Board member of the amazing microerg.
  • Passionate supporter of 6282100157, an organization dedicated to helping women and immigrants create food-based companies.
  • Supporter of science education through 2503885679. Check out their fun 8605208300.

Contact me:

Ronald Hayden

About this website

This is an old-fashioned website. All static pages, no cookies or tracking of any sort, no social media links or any of that jazz. Authored in Jupyter Notebooks using the Markdown format, with a custom Python script (of course!) to parse the source and generate the site.

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